Calling all  Friends, Colleagues, Biologists, Naturalists, Specialists, Horticulturists, Environmental Scientists, Citizen Scientists, Permaculturists and other interested folks!  

Green Triangle and The New Agrarian Center ( are hosting a BioBlitz at George Jones Farm in Oberlin, Ohio on Sunday, September 13, from 7 am – 3 pm.

WHAT: A BioBlitz is a unique, fun way to document as many species as possible that utilize a particular property.  People of various skill levels and sets (formally trained scientists and the general public)  come together to observe and record what species of plants and animals (i.e. the local biodiversity, various migratory species) are located at the Farm. Although the goal is serious, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable – an excuse to explore bio-diverse land and spend the day celebrating nature!

WHERE: George Jones Farm (GJF) is located at 44333 State Route 511, just east of Oberlin, Ohio. Since 2000, GJF has been managed and protected through a collaboration between the New Agrarian Center and Oberlin College.  The site (~70 acres in total) has many diverse habitats including: farmland in production, wetlands, ponds, woodlands, vernal ponds and old fields.  Also located on-site are many examples of natural building, greenhouses and even Oberlin College’s research ponds!

WHY: Knowing what biodiversity exists at the George Jones Farm provides baseline data that can help track the success of management initiatives in the future. Even more exciting is the chance to document rare species and uncommon habitats! This information can help guide future activities at the Farm, as well as help secure funding for special projects.

WHO: YOU, experts and the general public commit to joining our team for the day (or at least a part of the day). Spread the word far and wide and invite your friends! The more the merrier when it comes to a BioBlitz!

WHEN: Sunday, September 13, 2015.  7 am – 3 pm  (and anywhere in between!)

HOW:  You’ll pick your favorite field of study and start searching with other folks that are interested in the same thing! Here are the areas we are looking for volunteers to help out with, but if you another interest, just let us know and we can try to accommodate you. Or choose as many as you like!

-Herbaceous vegetation
-Wetland vegetation
-Aquatic macroinvertebrates

WHAT TO BRING:  Hiking boots; waterproof boots; appropriate clothes for the weather; sunscreen; bug spray; water bottle; binoculars; field guides; any special equipment you might need to find your target species (i.e. nets for insects or fish); digital camera to record cool stuff

:  We will provide groups in each area of study with maps, clipboards, pens and extra field guides to borrow (if available).  There is a composting toilet on-site for bathroom breaks.  We will have snacks and drinks available to you throughout the day and will build some campfires to warm up next to or to throw some food onto if you desire.

Please RSVP to (Lara is a board member of Green Triangle) with your name, institution (if applicable), area of interest (what do you want to search for at the Farm), number of people coming with you, and your estimated time of arrival. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

: Email Lara at

Directions to George Jones Farm can be found at

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