City Repair Cleveland


Photos by Janet Century, Kirby Broadnax, Cavana Faithwalker and Gus Chan

City Repair asks what our neighborhoods would look and feel like if we worked together to collaboratively design and build them. Groups of neighbors in Portland, OR began City Repair almost 20 years ago, after making a realization that they didn’t know each other, and that the actual design of where they lived contributed to their isolation.  Starting from the assumption that any place not designed by the people who live there is broken, they went on to build a culture where every year, people across the city come together to collectively imagine how to make their neighborhoods places that are alive. 

Neighborhood Connections brought City Repair to Cleveland in 2013. Teams of neighbors in Clark-Fulton, Stockyards and Buckeye-Larchmere-Shaker have worked together to design and install projects for the past two seasons.  

Green Triangle members have been helping facilitate the design process for City Repair groups in Cleveland, from site selection, neighborhood asset mapping, and site design, to helping gather materials and implement designs. 

For more information, visit:

Buckeye-Larchmere-Shaker City Repair group can be found on facebook at: Bridging the Tracks  and on Instagram at:


GET INVOLVED IN CITY REPAIR, volunteer opportunities listed here:

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