Herb Workshop POST-PONED

Dear fellow herb friends,
We are sad to inform you that due to some unforeseen circumstances this past week, we have decided it is best to post-pone the workshop to another date.
We realize that unfortunately not everyone will be able to attend the new date, so we will be refunding everyone who has registered thusfar. We are in the process of scheduling a new date, and will be sure to inform you ASAP. We are hopeful you will be able to join us then!
We will be contacting everyone that has registered thusfar.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach Diana at 267-423-0340.
Be Well,
Green Triangle
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Herbal Remedy Workshop

Saturday, July 16

11 am – 4 pm

Instructors: Christine Cassella, Kara DePaul, & Jocelyn Kirkwood

$50 Registration includes take-home materials.  Scholarships available

Register on Eventbrite here


Ever wonder how herbs can benefit your health and well-being but don’t know how to begin to incorporate them into your life? For beginners and herbal enthusiasts, we will cover some basic uses of common herbs growing in your yard and garden, different herbal preparations, and how to use herbs safely. Learn some of the history of herbal medicine and what roles herbs play in permaculture gardening, and engage your intuition and senses. Come learn how herbal medicine can be your guide in preventing and healing disease and how they can do the same in your garden. Come with curiosity and questions.

Topics include: Using herbs medicinally; Starting your own herbal apothecary; Herbal safety, Teas, infusions, decoctions; How to incorporate herbal food remedies into your meals; Medicinal plant garden tour; Herbal Medicine making: Oils, salves, tinctures and more! 


Christine M. Cassella (Chardon, OH) is a biologist, community herbalist, and permaculturist on a mission to help people reconnect with the natural world. After spending her early career as a zoo biologist, Christine came to realize that she really needed to “be the change” and is now following her passion running a small herb farm and learning center called Light Footsteps in Chardon. Christine has been studying and connecting with nature since she was a young girl, but has studied herbalism more formally with teachers such as Rosemary Gladstar for the past 6 years. She received her PDC from Midwest Permaculture. Christine teaches classes, writes, and sells botanical wellness products to her community while helping to grow her family’s 23 acre permaculture homestead which houses chickens, bees, goats, and many medicinal plants.


Kara DePaul participated in Green Triangle’s 2012 PDC course and joined as a Board Member in 2013. While taking the course, she became immersed in the possibilities of patterns and design and how to bring these to life with her own life and communities. Afterwards, she participated in the planning and implementation of an educational walking trail at Rid-All Urban Agriculture site, designed to highlight and demonstrate pattern language and permaculture principles. An avid learner, observer and idea generator, she continues to explore the possibilities within patterns and the promotion of permaculture education. She also creates delightful and effective concoctions of lotions, balms, and body butters.

153db8_564bfbd7d7ae448e8e918d95ab45b9da.jpeg_srz_207_306_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srz.jpegJocelyn Kirkwood is a community herbalist and social justice activist from Cleveland, OH. Co-founder and herbalist at the Lake Effect Free Alternative Health Clinic. Jocelyn specializes in chronic conditions, harm reduction, first aid, LGBTQ health, and mental health. She is also a part of Gather ’round Farm–an urban permaculture garden in Cleveland, and gets great joy in growing and wild harvesting most of the herbs that she uses in her practice. Jocelyn loves connecting people with plants through the incredible world of herbal medicine and permaculture gardening. She began studying herbs formally in 2006 at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine where she completed the certificate programs and apprenticeship. She most recently studied with Ola Obasi at the Well of Indigenous Wisdom School in Pittsburgh, PA where she now resides. Jocelyn believes that people can be empowered in their health care through the use of herbal medicine.

Workshop registration investment includes the cost of take home materials.  For more information please contact Josh Koppen at 216-952-8280 or greentrianglepermaculture@gmail.com Green Triangle’s website at www.greentriangle.org.  Scholarships available for residents of the Greater Buckeye neighborhoods- contact Diana at diana_sette@yahoo.com for more info.

Dress appropriately for the weather! Workshop will happen RAIN or SHINE. Bring a smile, an open mind, boots, a sun hat, an umbrella, and a water bottle. Green Triangle will provide light snacks.

Free on-site parking.

This workshop is made possible with generous support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, in partnership with Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homestead (PORCH).

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Living Soil Workshop

Saturday, June 25

1 – 6 pm

$50 investment includes cost of take-home materials.  Scholarships for Greater Buckeye residents are available through PORCH.  If you are Greater Buckeye resident interested in a scholarship for this workshop, please, contact Diana at (267) 423-0340 or diana_sette@yahoo.com.

Register here.

Facebook event here.


For any homestead, the nature of its soil is one of the most important factors in determining its health and productivity. Healthy soil is far from an inert substance – in fact it is teaming with life. In much the same way that recent insights have shown how microbes that live in and on the human body are important to our health; a whole new field is opening in our understanding of how important soil microbes are to plant fertility. It has even been suggested that living soil can be thought of an organ akin to a stomach for plants.

How do we create the conditions for soil life to flourish? There are no silver bullets or a one-size-fits-all approach to cultivating healthy living soils. In this workshop we will use the principals of permaculture to outline a holistic approach to soil fertility that can be adapted for the soil conditions of any farm or garden. Participants will engage in a qualitative assessment of soil on site, including its physical and, through the use of a microscope, its biologic components. Other more quantitative assessments, such as soil tests, will also be discussed.

This workshop will also cover how strategies for building soil fit into a comprehensive permaculture design. A wide ranging discussion will follow that will outline a number of techniques for cultivating living soils, including: various methods of composting, cover cropping, no-till management, soil re-mineralization, biochar and more. Lastly participants will enact one of these techniques, by building a thermophilic or hot composting pile on site.


About the Instructor….


Jonathan Hull  is a permaculture educator, designer and consultant. After receiving his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2006, he co-founded Green Triangle, a Cleveland area network of permaculture educators and designers.  Jonathan is also a Certified Permaculture Teacher (with Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz and Penny Krebiehl, November 2015) Jonathan has taught a diverse range of workshops on topics such as soil restoration, bio-char stove construction, site mapping and home weatherization. He currently lives in Salem, OH where on and off over the past ten years he has been implementing a permaculture design for an urban homestead.


This workshop is made possible with generous support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, in partnership with Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homestead (PORCH).

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Natural Building Workshop

Registration is now open for the upcoming Natural Building Workshop!

Saturday, May 28, 1-6pm

Possibilitarian Garden, 2913 E 117th St.

$50 registration fee (includes take-home materials)

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1047611661990574/

Details below….

13072683_858940707547993_169868555491346259_oHave you wanted to learn more about natural building but not sure how? Here’s your chance!

Get hands-on with natural building techniques like cob building, lashing, inukshuks and dry stack walls with local natural building expert, Josh Koppen. Workshop will take place at Possibilitarian Garden, 2913 E 117th St, Cleveland. All participants will gain hands-on experience with natural building, and will take home materials, tools and inspiration to continue their learning.

Workshop investment of $50 includes take-home educational materials.

Space is limited – Register online in Eventbrite:

About the Instructor: Josh Koppen is an expert in Natural Building and an accomplished coordinator in urban gardening and landscape installations. A graduate of the Natural Building Intensive Program and Permaculture Design Course at the wonderful Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont, he stayed on with the organization as an employee until the winter of 2008, when he moved back to the Cleveland area and joined Earth Day Coalition as a core consultant to the NatureHood Program. His expertise in native plants and permaculture design is only rivaled by his love of music and building community. He quickly found kindred spirits at the Green Triangle and has been an active member and director ever since. He has served as President since 2013.

This workshop is made possible with generous support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, in partnership with Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homestead (PORCH).

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Homesteading with Permaculture Workshop Series

In collaboration with PORCH (Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homestead) with support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, Green Triangle is excited to present “Homesteading with Permaculture” workshop series of one-day, hands-on workshops running from May 2016 thru October 2016.

May 28, 1-6 pm ……. Natural Building

June …….  Living Soils

July 16, 11 am – 4 pm …… Herbal Remedy Making: Using Plants from Your Own Backyard to Create a Healthy Vibrant Life

Sept 3 …..  …… Food Preservation

Sept 24……  Natural Fibers from Wool to Robe

October ….. Social Permaculture

We will be adding more workshop and registration information in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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Green Triangle hosts Ben Falk, author of Resilient Farm and Homestead this Week

 Ben Falk, founder of Whole Systems Design, holds bundles bundles of short grain brown rice grown in terraced rice paddies at his research farm in Moretown, VT. Photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Ben Falk, founder of Whole Systems Design, holds bundles of short grain brown rice grown in terraced rice paddies at his research farm in Moretown, VT. Photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Internationally renowned ecological designer and award-winning author Ben Falk will visit Cleveland October 21-24. Falk’s Vermont-based landscape design firm Whole Systems Design utilizes permaculture techniques and systems thinking to design for ecological regeneration, resilience and abundance. Falk will consult with six small farms across northeast Ohio during his tour, which will also include a public lecture and a meet-the-author dinner.

Forum for Farmers and Designers

Thursday, October 22, 7:00 – 9:00 PM University of Akron Field StaBon 4240 Ira Rd. Akron, Ohio 44333 Limit 40 guests. Tickets $40 includes heavy hors d’oeuvres.  Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/980210115376685/

Public Lecture & Book-Signing

Friday, October 23, 7:00 – 8:30 PM First Unitarian Church of Cleveland 21600 Shaker Blvd, Shaker Heights, Tickets $10 suggested donaBon. Ben’s book will be available for purchase.  Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1008603529159751/

Tickets for both events HERE.


Falk’s book was honored with an award from the American Horticultural Society and is described by Chelsea Green as “an inspiration in what can be done by imitating natural systems, and making the most of what we have by re-imagining what’s possible. A gorgeous case study for the homestead of the future.”

Click on Event Poster to view.

Contact  Jessie  Jones at  jessiej@dojezoji.com for more info.

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BioBlitz Coming Up!

Come!  Gather at George Jones Farm in Oberlin, OH for BioBlitz!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

7 am – 3 pm

more details at:



See you there!

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