Permaculture Design Certification Course

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New for 2019! Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC)

Are you interested in learning about a dynamic set of design principles and ethics that can transform your backyard, neighborhood, farm or community? Join us for the 2019 PDC in Cleveland, Ohio!

We are working hard to finalize the registration details, dates/times, and instructors. Click here  so we can keep you updated with details!

Permaculture is a design system and a set of practical design approaches for creating community ecosystems that have the means to support themselves indefinitely.

In Australia in the mid-1970’s, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren founded the central concepts of permaculture in response to soil damage, pollution of water and land and loss of crop diversity due to modern agricultural practices. Permaculture has since grown to be a global curriculum that covers principles and ethics, ecological science and hands-on tools for creating regenerative designs.

Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses deliver an intensive, introductory curriculum that certifies students in core permaculture principles and practical techniques for restoring damaged ecosystems and building social and economic stability within our communities. PDC’s are a unique opportunity for anyone working in sustainable agriculture, community-building, design and architecture to further build their design skills.

The PDC covers:

– Ecological Literacy and Natural Systems
– Permaculture Ethics and Principles
– Tools for Energy Descent
– Site Assessment and Design Methods
– Designing for Homes, Gardens and Communities
– Food Forestry and Broadscale Permaculture
– Natural Building
– Soil Biology and Hands On Tools for Soil Restoration
– Water Health and Hands On Tools for Water Restoration
– Resilient Social Systems and Local Economies

PDC students complete and present a full permaculture site design as part of their certification. They get first-hand experience in site evaluation and mapping, client interviews, design approaches and presentation formats. Students who complete all course hours and successfully complete their design project receive a Permaculture Design Consultant’s Certificate. The certificate is a pre-requisite for further advanced training in permaculture design and teacher training courses. Graduates join a growing community of over 15,000 design-course graduates in the U.S. who are collaboratively expanding this body of knowledge over time.

Final dates will be announced soon, but the course consists of 6-7 weekends through out the months of September – November, 2019.

Additional supplemental events and learning opportunities will be available on off weekends and evenings.


Full registration will be open in March, 2019. If you are interested in signing up for the course, click here so that Green Triangle can contact you as soon as registration is open.

Tuition covers 72 hours of instruction; all textbooks and educational materials; and access to all supplemental workshops offered in non-course-weekends during the months of the PDC. Students who successfully complete the course requirements will receive professional certification in Permaculture Design.


Donations to the PDC Scholarship Fund are a much-appreciated way to ensure a wide community of people can take part in this course. To make a donation, you can send a check payable to “The Green Triangle”, with “PDC Scholarship Fund” written in the Memo, to:

The Green Triangle
c/o Josh Koppen
1460 Alameda Drive

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

We are working hard to finalize the registration details, dates/times, and instructors. Click here to give us your contact info so we can update you right away. If you still have questions, please contact  Also, please, review the FAQ’s section at the bottom of the page to see if your questions can be answered first there.  Thank you!


PDC Frequently Asked Questions….

 –How do I register for the 2019 PDC in Cleveland?

Registration details coming soon! If you are interested, please click here so that Green Triangle can contact you directly when registration opens.

I am coming from out of town.  Is there housing available?

We will do all we can to help you with housing arrangements.  Please contact us at as soon as possible if you will need housing.

I am going to miss a day/a few days of the course.  Is this a problem?

Because the course material is dense, our strong preference is that students are present for the entire course.  If you have an unavoidable conflict, please let us know as soon as possible.  Make up work must be coordinated with course facilitators and approved by lead instructors in order for you to be certified after absences.  Students who miss more than a weekend may not be able to receive certification.  Please contact us at  as soon as possible if you know you will be missing days of the course.

I have taken a PDC before, or I would just like to sit in for some parts of the course.  Is it possible to audit the PDC?

Please contact us at if you would like to audit the course.  Let us know what days you would like to be there. If we have slots available after the final enrollment deadline,  we will contact you about auditing the course.  There is a tuition fee associated with auditing the course.

-Where can I find photos of previous PDCs?

Check out our Photos page!

-How can I support the PDC and Green Triangle more?

There are so many ways to help Green Triangle!

  1. Consider donating to the Green Triangle Scholarship Fund to help support tuition for students.
  2. Sponsor an employee or community member to take the PDC by providing full or partial registration fee support.
  3. Do you have a home or event venue that will fit up to 40 people? Students will travel to a variety of sites across Northeast Ohio to learn from past PDC graduates and experts in the field. Email us if you would like to host the class for a day or weekend at your venue.



**We would like to thank Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

for their support in making this course happen!**

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