Sponsors & Partners

We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who have supported Green Triangle, and the 2015 Permaculture Design Course!  Please, take a moment to read the names below, and support them for supporting us.  Thank you!

Neighborhood Connections  http://www.neighborhoodgrants.org

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture http://www.cacgrants.org


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Through our recent

Kickstarter campaign:

Jessica True, Louise Acheson, Laurie Albright, Jim Bush, Chris Crane, John McGovern, Terry Mach, Jon Roket, Dan & Diane Roketenetz, Jan Thrope, Wake Robin Fermented Foods, Ken Vinciquerra, Kara DePaul, Katherine Hull, Jaclyn Koppen, Jan Koppen, Brad Masi, Colleen Patterson, K S, Simple Yard Care, Patricia Tinkler, Sue Wolpert, Don Abbott, Victoria Avi, Ian Charnas, Shanon Donnelly, Michael Doran, Nate Doran, Ralph Elliott, Peggy Gerovac, Tom Gibson, The Hummingbird Project, Tina Haldiman, Kim Loretta, Victoria Mills, Donna Mintz, Lynea J. Mitchell, Molly Murray, Nancy King Smith, Annemarie Roketenetz, Lara Roketenetz, Alan Romick, Julie A. West, Brooke Willis, Melanie Wilson, Jan Zorman

And the 28 anonymous supporters-   Thank you!


you are helping us grow roots!

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